About Us


This is Me- Stacey- Mom, Wife & Photographer

I married my high school sweetheart about 15 years ago and we now have two high-energy, strong willed little girls,Tessa (6), Gemma (2) , a cat named Eowyn and a dog named Gwendolyn.  There is never a dull moment in this house! 


I love my kids

That is why I finally embraced my dream of being a photographer, so that I could be there for my kids.  I edit during nap time and after everyone is in bed so that I can be the mom these little girls deserve.  


I am a Goof-Ball, a Nerd and Band Geek- and PROUD OF IT!

Doctor Who is Favorite TV Show

Legally Blonde is favorite movie

Frog Princess is Favorite Disney Movie

Orange is my favorite color

Peanut Butter is delicious!

Pizza, Cinnabons and Ice Cream are my go to comfort foods

BBQ or Sea Salt and Vinegar are my favorite chips

I am a total Coffee Addict... any type of espresso drink is my go to drink

Nerdy Genre's enjoyed are Board Games, Stargate, Firefly, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Dresden Files, Iron Druid, Marvel

I still am a band geek!  I play flute and piccolo in the Lynnwood community band.

I paint abstract oil paintings and do some realistic ones from time to time. (to see some go to www.staceyfeasel.com)

In short, I love having fun!