Like What You See?

The Path to the Very Best Maternity & Newborn Portraits~


Deciding on your photographer

 Choosing a newborn photographer is a very personal decision. Do you want an outside, in-home or studio session? Does the photographer's style match yours? I am happy to provide outdoors or in-home maternity portraits.  For my newborn portraits, I am happy to come to your home or visit you for a Fresh 48 session right at the hospital or birthing center. My style is fun, energetic and a bit photo-journalistic. I love using props (little shoes, ultrasounds, blocks, etc) to add to the images. I love capturing the details of the moment and working with you to tell the story of your family. We will work together to capture images that you will be excited to display and share with friends and family! 

Perfect Timing

When capturing Maternity Portraits and Newborn Portraits, timing is everything!  I like to suggest maternity pictures be taken around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.  In those months, you are definitely showing but you are not so large that you are uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable can sometimes get caught in the photos, and we don't want that!  That being said, I have also photographed women the day before they were due and they looked and acted amazing!  So it really comes down to your preference.  

With Newborn Photography, the timing needs to be more exact.  The best time to capture posed shots is between 3 days and 10 days of age.  As they get older, they stretch more and resist posing, but we can still get some lovely photos! If they are younger than 3 days, we can capture amazing photo-journalistic style pictures at the hospital, but they are difficult to pose.  

Preparing for portraits


For Maternity Portraits, the best thing to wear is what you feel the most beautiful in!  Try to select clothing that shows off your bump and defines it a bit.  We will definitely use your and your significant other’s hands to help define the bump, but if your clothing does it naturally, that can help. Keep in mind that dark solid colors will make your bump appear smaller and lighter colors will cause it to appear larger. Also, think about your footwear!  Make sure it is appropriate for the location we are doing the portraits. 

Newborn Photo preparation is critical if you want an excellent session. Before I come to your home, make sure the temperature will be comfortable when we take off the baby's clothing. If we are slightly uncomfortable, then your baby will probably love it!  I will also bring along a portable heater to help out. Feed your little one just before I come to your home. It helps to feed in just a diaper and a wrap. That way when I arrive, baby will be sleepy and we won't have to remove clothing and disturb him/her right away. I will bring blankets, wraps, baskets, headbands, tutus, hats and such to help add to the cuteness of the portraits. 

Will I get all these newborn poses?

 As you can see, there are many different poses in my portfolio above. We will try several poses and work together to capture the images you are seeking. That said though, there are some that your little one may object to.  Every session is unique and I can never predict what poses the little one will work with us on or not. We will do our best though! I always get photos that you will love and cherish in the end. 

Can we include siblings?

Including siblings in your session is absolutely encouraged! Capturing the love between an older sibling and a new baby is really special! 

With Maternity Portraits, I will suggest various poses that will highlight the developing bond between your soon to be big-brother/sister and the growing baby bump. 

During a Newborn Portrait Session, when young children are present we will start with family photos and move to sibling shots. We will finish with siblings in the first hour before they lose interest or get tired. Sometimes it helps to have a grandparent or extra adult present to help while we finish the rest of the session with the baby.

Do you retouch the images?

Yes!  I individually retouch all the images that I will provide you with.  I do not believe in batch editing; I believe your photos deserve the personal touch.  

Newborn Portraits receive the most amount of retouching.  I will go through and correct skin blemishes and skin discoloration.  I am, however, very careful to make sure your little one does not appear like a plastic doll in the end.  You little angel will be beautiful (like they already are!) in the end.