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Expecting a new arrival?  Message me now to get on my calendar for your little one's newborn portraits!

About Feasible Photography


Making Memories

My passion is to capture the connections in life- the beautiful touches and interactions between each other that keep the world around us glowing with joy and laughter.  I love capturing you- not just the "Say Cheese!" moments, but the moments nestled in between where sisters hold hands and dad's toss kiddos in the air.  I want to be there freezing all those joy-filled moments into still images for you to look at and cherish for years to come.  


The Feasible Approach

I believe in offering affordable photography to families near me and delivering beautiful images because you deserve it!  I always take the time to chat and get to know who I am working with so that the session go smoothly and not awkwardly.  With little ones, we will sing, dance, tell jokes, tickle and laugh!  These are the things that make beautiful memories!  Having fun is always my first goal.  Genuine smiles make for beautiful images.   

Yes, I am a portrait photographer, but I am a person who truly loves watching the little ones I photograph grow up year after year.  That is what makes me feel like the families I work with are friends, not just clients.   


About the Photographer

Hi!  I am Stacey Feasel and when I am not behind the camera or editing photos, you will find me having a dance party with my two little girls, playing fetch with the dog and cuddling up with my hubby to watch some nerdy show like Doctor Who.  Think our personalities might click (yes, bad pun intended- photo click, haha), message me and let's chat!  Want to know more about me?  Click here!

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Feasible Photography

(206) 380-1550

Personalized Family Portraits

If you are looking for an affordable family photographer in the Seattle or Everett area, please reach out to me!  I love giving more fully edited images than the average photographer, which just means that you are sure to have a photo that you absolutely love!

I provide family portraits, newborn portraits, maternity portraits, cake smash photos, event photography, real estate photography and senior portraits.  I will admit,  being an affordable newborn photographer is my favorite though- who can get enough baby cuddles, I mean really?